EXPRESS from Turkey

Full complex of export-import operations on consolidated and delivery of cargo to Turkey from the territory of Turkey for private and legal entities. Sending of goods to Ukraine is carried out by qualified personnel with observance of requirements to safety and safety of cargoes. The warehouse in Istanbul sends weekly 20 tons of consolidated cargo to Ukraine. Sending every Thursday – delivery of up to 10 days.

Optimal delivery times and advance planning of orders, allow our customers to more logically and appropriately use the funds invested in the business, optimize costs.

Own warehouses

The availability of own port warehouses significantly speeds up the delivery of goods and guarantees their safety.


We track the delivery of goods at all stages of transportation. This allows you to transport goods within the agreed time.

Market analysis

Our specialists have many years of experience in the local market, they find and conduct negotiations with suppliers.


Modern transport, handling machinery – guarantee the integrity of goods and timely delivery.

Terms of delivery to Ukraine
by sea up to 10 days
by avia up to 5 days

Additional services

 – Recommendations for the search for goods
– Supplier Verification
– Negotiating with suppliers
– Financial advisory services
– Document circulation and financial reporting
– Brokerage services, customs clearance

Advantages of working with us

– Confidentiality of information about customers, suppliers and transported goods
– Reliability
– Guarantees of cargo integrity and security
– Understanding the specifics of doing business in Turkey and Ukraine
– Flexible working conditions
– Individual approach to each client
– 13 years of successful work

In order for us to help you calculate the cost of goods, you need to know the following:

– Invoice value of cargo
– Approximate weight, volume, quantity
– Terms Incoterms on which the goods are purchased
– City of dispatch and receipt of goods