Cargo Transportation by Air

The world is huge. The goods are abundant. The clients wish to receive their cargoes in undamaged condition and on time. How to make the delivery fast, reliable and affordable? Opt for air freight services. This option saves your time, keeps up your business reputation, gives a boost to your trade turnover and profits.

Cargo transportation by air has two main advantages:

1. Delivery speed. No mode of transportation can compete with airplanes when it comes to the speed of delivery. The aircraft can fly even to the places which a train or truck cannot reach. It’s possible to deliver your cargo with regular and charter flights. The guarantee of package placement on board even during the hot seasons allows carrying out worldwide express delivery.

2. Reliability. During air transportation, losses and damages to goods are 40% less likely to occur as compared to trucking. Air cargo transportation minimizes the destructive factors. It’s not for nothing that the air mode of transportation is recommended for “hazardous” cargoes. Valuable and fragile items will also arrive in pristine and undamaged condition.

Air Cargo Delivery by MaxCube24

By entrusting the delivery to professionals, you solve the problems in a comprehensive way. Employees of our company will:

• Pack the cargo in accordance with the requirements. Add binding and sealing; perform crating;

• Attach the cargo crate to the shipping skid, deliver the cargo from the sender’s warehouse to the place of departure, bring it to the customer’s address at the point of arrival;

• Prepare the shipping and permitting documents; perform cargo insurance and customs clearance.

We will also take care of cargo package completion, warehouse logistics, transit transportation, reservation of vacant packages on the airlines’ aircraft.

Air Cargo Delivery Cost

The price of air cargo delivery is calculated taking into account several factors:

• The urgency of delivery. Faster means more expensive;

• Availability of direct flights to the destination. The fewer intermediate points, the cheaper;

• Type and dimensional weight of the cargo. Professionals know how to fill the freight area of an aircraft efficiently in order to reduce costs;

• The number of specialists, terminals, warehouses involved in the transportation;

• Additional services: door-to-door delivery, legal support at the stages of cargo transportation, etc.

Contact our managers, and they will suggest the most cost-effective scheme of air cargo transportation and provide all information about the service.