Business turnkey service

“Business rival is looking for a client – we create one”.

Starting your own business, especially for the first time, is always exciting and tumultuous. There will always be a lot of sceptics vividly describing enormous obstacles and “pitfalls” that can nip any initiative in the bud. But that’s utter nonsense! For if you have a powerful idea, understanding of business processes and the right strategy, you are sure to succeed. However, understanding of business processes comes generally with practice… Therefore, we recommend budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of our “business turnkey” offer that provides for assistance in starting business from scratch, avoiding common rookie mistakes and establishing the process that will ensure stable income in future.

Setting up and developing business

The specialists of Max Cube24 have the required expertise, knowledge and capacity for start-up and further development of the business project. We primarily focus on activities related to the export of goods from China, Europe, and the United States. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you are targeted at other types of activity. We will be happy to advise you on any given issue.

To sum up, our services provided as part of “business turnkey” offer comprise the following:

– Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs under any form of ownership;

– Search for suppliers, due diligence of manufacturers;

– Financial estimate of the feasibility of the business project;

– Delivery of product samples, evaluation of their quality;

– Legal assistance and support for negotiating contracts with Ukrainian and foreign partners;

– Assistance with visas, transfers to the factory; thematic exhibitions with the accompanying support of the representative of Max Cube24;

– Monitoring of orders directly at the manufacturing site;

– Branding, marking, packaging and printing in compliance with your specific requirements;

– Processing of prepayments and payments;

– Turnkey delivery to Ukraine by air or by sea;

– Storage of goods at our warehouses;

– Legal support for carrying out activities;

– Document management, record keeping;

– Other services related to the implementation of the business project.

As a matter of fact, having contacted the company Max Cube24, you will be able to set up your own business. Subsequently, having been wrapped up in all work processes, you can either continue to carry out the activities independently or entrust it to our experts. We are interested in effective long-term relations; therefore, we do our best to ensure the thriving of our clients’ business projects.