Consolidated container, cargo, LCL

It is logical to assume that for the transportation of one stool there is no sense in hiring a lorry. It is expensive and inexpedient. Exactly the same principle in maritime transport – for transportation of a volumetric cargo it is possible to charter a full 20 or 40-foot container on the FCL system (Full Container Load),but for small loads it is inexpedient and costly. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the consolidated container, it is not a full container, it is a combined cargo, it is also the transportation of goods in cubes, it is also a load – all these terms refer to sea transportation by LCL (Less than Container Load). Its essence boils down to the fact, that the container is filled at once with several senders, and the cost of sea transportation is distributed among them in proportion to the volume of cargo occupied. Those. you pay only for the volume that your products occupy.

The obvious and weighty advantage of LCL container transportation is availability. However, in terms of expeditious delivery, preloads are inferior to chartering full FCL containers. This is due to the time needed to consolidate the goods with senders, also interested in this service. The fact is that we have to expect the maximum filling of the container – there is no reason to pay for air transportation. In the same time, Due to well-established work and extensive client base, Max Cube24 specialists can shorten the waiting period as much as possible, quickly locating “neighbors” along the container, following in one direction.

Consolidated cargo in road haulage

In addition to LCL sea container transport, we also deal with preloads in road transport. In this case, the same principle is applied, the difference is only in road transport, and more flexibility in terms of loading / unloading places – this can be not only a port city.So, experts of Max Cube24 operate a large network of warehouse complexes around the world: China (Ningbo and Guangzhou), the USA (New Jersey),Turkey (Istanbul), Europe (Poland and Hungary). In view of the incredible popularity of the preload service, the list of warehouses is expanding every year, and the time for cargo consolidation is declining.

LCL turnkey delivery

We carry out international transportation of not full containers “on a turn-key basis”. In addition to the direct transportation of goods by sea or land,we can also deliver them from the factory to the port, make direct purchases of products and so on. When concluding long-term contracts with regular deliveries (monthly, weekly, quarterly), we are happy to offer our customers discounts and other preferences. After contacting Max Cube24 regarding the preload service, You are assigned a personal manager. He will calculate the cost of delivery of the consolidated container, set the time limits, and consult on any related issues.