FCL Oversea Container Transportation

Oversea transportation is the perfect option for businesses dealing with large-sized goods or large batches of products. The oversea in-container mode allows for transporting virtually anything, from alcoholic beverages to vehicles. Hundreds of Ukrainian entrepreneurs have been putting their trust in this type of transportation, as evidenced by the huge cargo traffic through the ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk.

Oversea container delivery has a range of significant advantages:

– the low cost of shipping per container (as compared to shipping by air or car);

– a huge geographical spread of transportation: the sea can be used to reach the most remote corners of the world;

– no restrictions on the dimensions, weight, and type of cargo (while air transport and truckage have many limits);

– the availability of sea carriers fitted with specialized equipment for transportation of brittle, hazardous and other specific cargoes.

Our company provides a full range of services for oversea transportation of 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Freighting an entire container by the FCL (Full Container Load) system, our client receives the full suite of logistics services: from the loading of goods at the sender port to the unloading in Odessa or Ilyichevsk followed by delivery throughout Ukraine.

Oversea Container Transportation. Why Us?

Of course, the present-day market features a sufficient number of companies engaged in the delivery of containers from China and other countries. However, we guarantee that your goods will be delivered exactly on time, safe and sound, and at a predetermined rate (without additional commissions, overheads and other payments that often emerge when you’re working with unscrupulous service providers).

So, our advantages are:

Timing. The businesses of many of our clients are directly dependent on the speed of delivery. This is particularly true for seasonal goods: there’s no sense in delivering skis in early spring or swimming trunks and swimsuits in the middle of autumn. We guarantee that the delivery time framework envisaged by the contract will be complied with. Any delays at customs, during the loading, etc. are the concern of our specialists. The client never has to deal with these issues. You just pay for the delivery of a cargo container from China and receive the goods in Ukraine within the agreed time. Nothing more, nothing less;

Information support. If the client inquires about the location of the cargo during the transportation, our specialists respond promptly to such a request;

Technologies. Max Cube24 is a dynamic company. Our specialists employ advanced telecommunication devices and software. This allows us to track the location of goods, the stages of customs clearance and loading/unloading in real time;

Cargo safety. We guarantee complete safety of the in-container goods during the transportation, regardless of the cargo specifics. For fragile or hazardous cargoes, our specialists provide a suite of measures to ensure proper loading and transportation;

Security. We have established contractual terms with reliable insurance companies, which allows avoiding significant financial losses in force majeur situations.

If you have any questions about FCL transportation, our managers will be happy to advise you, suggest the best solutions and calculate the cost of shipping of your goods from China or any other country of the world.