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Procurement of goods in China and Taiwan

Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers continue their persistent expansion into international markets.
They are distinguished by a huge range of products, affordable prices and annually improving quality. Ukrainian entrepreneurs have long been buying products in the Middle Kingdom, but not all importers expect success. Sometimes ignorance of the specifics of the market, the local mentality and excessive credulity leads to the fact, that the goods brought from China prove to be uncompetitive– either the price is overstated or the quality leaves much to be desired.

How to proceed? The answer is simple – to entrust the purchase of goods from Taiwan and China to specialists of Max Cube24. The adjusted scheme of work with local producers, understanding of the specifics of the market, the ability to deliver goods by sea and air, to resolve customs issues – these are our advantages. Dozens of Ukrainian companies already successfully cooperate with us in the field of regular and irregular purchases of products from China and Taiwan.

MaxCube24 services for the purchase of goods in bulk

– Search for manufacturers of quality products of the desired product group. Forming a list of firms that produce identical products – for further choice of the optimal option;
– Conducting initial negotiations: agreeing on the scope of delivery, the cost of goods and production terms;
– Check the reputation of the selected manufacturer;
– Conclusion of contracts, legal and advisory assistance;
– Comprehensive control over the performance of contractual obligations by the Chinese side. If necessary, direct presence in the workplace with further reports on the stages of order fulfillment;
– Checking the goods before shipment from China or Taiwan to Ukraine. Sea transportation in containers or delivery of products by air;
– Solution of issues at customs;
– Information gathering and visiting of thematic forums and exhibitions in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Forwarding of any information, whether it is catalogs of products or contact details of manufacturers;
– Marketing research, the formation of a “white list” of manufacturers of quality goods;
– Other services.

A distinctive feature of Max Cube24 is the physical presence of our representatives in the Chinese cities of Ningbo and Guangzhou, as well as Taiwan’s Kaoshung. That is why we can quickly solve all issues related to the purchase of goods from local producers.